What is the MTN Data Plan Codes and how can I subscribe to MTN data in 2021? MTN is the largest telecommunications network in Nigeria and has one of the best internet services in the country as well as affordable data rates. MTN has data plans for everyone, whether you need data for just a day or many gigabytes.

When deciding which MTN data plan to buy, you need to determine what you will use the data for, how much data it will consume, how long you intend to use it, and how much you are willing to spend.

MTN, like other networks in Nigeria, has daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly data plans. This article lists the latest MTN data plans in Nigeria in 2021 and how to subscribe.

MTN also offers to Pay as You Go to search for 5 kobos per kilobyte. This is quite expensive in the long run, but effective if you don’t want to buy a data pack and browse a few things online. MTN offers 4G LTE connectivity in select areas, so you can enjoy high-speed internet with a 4G phone