Who doesn’t like cheap data? I mean like paying mtn 300 for 1.5 gb worth of data. As you know, some data plans are tacitly introduced, while others are often inaccessible through the USSD code. Today I will share with you mtn 300 for 1.5 GB code for 7 days and how you can activate it.

This data offering is very similar to MTN 200MB / 14 days for the N50 data offering that we recently shared and worked on all SIM cards. If that doesn’t work for you, you can use this 1.5 GB for the N300 to chat, download and browse all your favorite sites.

So, how can I get 1.5GB 300 on mtn? The MTN 1.5GB for N300 can be accessed through my mtn app through the Megadeal data plane zone. Install mymtnApp from Google Play as a requirement to subscribe to this great plan